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Patatuka is a greek brand,established in 2020 in Athens,by the designer Maria Georgiou. The aim of the collections is the creation of timeless clothes,which give the feeling of comfort, freedom,a high sense of aesthetics and quality, and which , with the appropriate accessories can be worn morning and evening, giving a special identity and allowing women to feel beautiful , in textiles that embrace the body, providing a comfortable environment depending on the season. Minimal,geometrical,but also free lines, high quality materials that are friendly both to humans and environment, with a preference for natural fibres and soft textures. All the clothes are designed and manufactured in Greece, respecting in all cases all the regulations of sustainable fashion.


The love for designing and manufacturing special overcoats led to the name Patatuka,which in Greek means thick and warm overcoat. The love, though , for clothing is not limited to this specific type of clothing, which means that our collections are for all weathers and are neither restricted by season nor the type of clothing !


Her interaction with clothes starts in her childhood, when the love for textiles leads her to make clothes for her favourite toys,while as a student , she either designs clothes in her textbooks, or photographs whatever impresses her with her pocket camera! Her studies begin with photography at the Graphic Arts and Art Studies department of the university of western Attica, and this is when she , and her mother ,buy her first sewing machine, and starts making her first clothes and accessories. After her graduation, she takes courses in fashion design and later in art jewellery. Dealing with the design and manufacture of clothes, as well as wedding dresses on her own, leads to the creation of her own fashion brand in 2020 ! With her brand Patatuka she has participated in fashion shows in Greece, as well as abroad .