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Gaffer & Fluf (Katerina Vamvaka)

Founded by the Greek designer Katerina Vamvaka, “Gaffer & Fluf is bringing playtime to the adult world with their one-of-a-kind collection of handmade “polymorphic” clothing,

bound to intrigue and excite even the most experienced fashion veterans.”

The brand has a particularly unique emphasis on transformation and versatility. Not only can a single piece transition gracefully from day to night, but the same garment has the ability to be worn multiple ways. A piece that may have been worn as pants yesterday could easily be worn as a dress the next, leaving you free to express yourself in style on a day-to-day basis.

These two different elements make up her profile. The very name of the brand Gaffer and Fluf makes clear that here we are in front of a collection full of contrasts. The very

idea of creating clothes that change form during the day is more than a concept of fashion. It is a deep personal need for expression. Inspiration for Katerina Vamvaka is the origami, the architecture and the lego. This year Katerina Vamvaka proposes a collection of alternative caftans. Gaffer & Fluf brand presents its first collection named SAND for summer 2015.

Transparent clothes in devorés and jacquard stripes, airy comfortable lines with a strict geometric design, are some features of the main collection composed as usual by two reversals forces. Gaffer & Fluf designs caftans and coveralls, shirts, pants and tops,in order to give to the Greek summer, a fresh style and a new perspective. A collection that highlights every woman, by offering to all, the pleasure to enjoy their own personality and style. Women feel special, charming and attractive.