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In cooperation with the clothing brand ‘ergon Mykonos, coco mat brand following the core philosophy of the company which is the use of natural materials, will present a series of installation in the heart of Athens, in Kolonaki.

‘Ergon Mykonos and coco-mat worked on a series of installations in certain areas of the hotel having as an aim to showcase how through the use of natural materials and handmade processes, art can come to form in several creations. ‘Ergon Mykonos brand having as a core value of its culture the use of natural and handmade materials in its creations along with the incorporation of art and history in its every product, comes to add its own “point of view” in the unique spaces of the hotel. The exhibition with the installations will last from the 15th of May until the 15th of September and every month the theme will change creating an artistic challenge for the visitor. In the installations we will use the unique wooden Cocomat bike and the pillows of the company and handmade pieces of clothing with unique motifs inspired by the Greek history from the latest collection of ‘ergon Mykonos, “the Athenians”. You are welcome to visit Coco mat Hotel Athens to begin your own journey through the nature, history and art of contemporary Greece

At the same time, Muses Corfu, the concept store that brought together tradition, culture, contemporary art and fashion, through the presentation of exceptional, refined and alternative Greek collections, travels to New York’s coco mat store for the whole summer. The inspirational idea that came to life in Corfu three years ago makes a big step and becomes the first concept shop that collaborates with coco mat company and creates a pop-up installation in Soho New York. We are happy to be a part of muses designers’ selection and we wish that the Muses Corfu journey will continue all around the world.We are proud and honored to be part of this big Greek “Muses” family who will give the opportunity to all coco mat visitors to learn and admire Greek creations.