Sofia karakousi is the designer behind womenswear label KARAKUSI and swimwear label Rhombus. Having grown up in Athens, Greece, influenced by her family’s entrepreneurial background in design and fashion industries, Sofia’s affinity for fashion began early on. After completing her first degree in fashion, the designer moved to London. She worked as intern for Alexander McQueen, Peter Piloto and Roland Mouret developing her own skills and talents. Soon she launched her own label KARAKUSI which gained early success and was selected and presented at London fashion week in 2007. Although she has lived and worked in different cities of the world, such as London and Berlin, who are both known as fashion and art capitals, she always wanted to taste the slow rhythm of a boisterous life.  Moving back to Greece  gave her the appreciation for finding peace and starting a new label emphasizing on swimwear and resort apparel under the brand name Rhombus.

Brand philosophy

Karakusi’s philosophy is to produce a framework for each woman's individuality by making clothing that unveil a strong female voice from within. Sofia manages to balance between methodology and spontaneity; designing her women collection both as a methodist and a dreamer.  Her abstract almost conceptual approach in mixing classic minimalism with eccentric tailoring cultivates a sense of excitement with fine detailing and unorthodox shapes and silhouettes; creating a wardrobe that is interchangeable and versatile. Karakusi’s outwear is fundamental to every woman’s complex lifestyle and character. Her resort wear brand Rhombus, steamed from the sunny part of the world, Greece. Rhombus creates a versatile series of swimwear and resortwear that can be worn far beyond the beach and long enough to get you in the dawn, sharing  the spirit of greek summer. Her collection explores physical form and emotional discovery. Women can feel the wisdom of ROHMBUS and sink in with the magnetism of their pneuma. Geometrical shapes, simplicity and natural fabrics create her unique signature.


Karakusi finds inspiration evrywhere. Every collection is a depiction of a memory lived. She combines experience with future goals. Her collections portray the expression of the individuals in the comfort of their natural or local environments. Her boldness and rebellious spirit are always present when she decides to work on a new collection. Each collection is created so as to push the boundaries of new materials and sustainable concepts.