Kostis Von Kas started off in Greece four years ago, founding a tailoring showroom in Peristeri, Athens. Creating "made-to-measure" clothes for men and women, he soon realised what people were looking for and was missing in the market. The brand “Kostis Von Kas” has been created and includes menswear, womenswear and accessories. Kostis Von Kas uses natural fabrics like cotton, viscose, wool and silk.

His third collection addresses women who want to feel comfortable in their clothes all day long. Clothing items such as oversized cotton shirts, tailoring suits and overalls, oversized sweatshirts, leather bags, coats and anoraks, are all 100% Greek made and stitched, using high quality fabrics. Kostis Von Kas is inspired by timeless Greek aesthetics matched with modern clothing lines and this combination is reflected in every piece of his collection.



Lookbook AW19-20