bet and malfie

Bet and Malfie… as we say Beethoven and Malfatti. 

When Beethoven fell in love with Countess Malfatti, he started wearing silk scarves to impress her.

For us this love story was an inspiration.  Our company produces handmade high quality stylish scarves.  The scarves are 100% silk, digitally printed with unique designs.  Our creativity is guided by harmony, elegance, modernity and functionality, while our business model relies on ethos, respect, attention to detail and romance.

Bet and Malfie is located in Northern Greece, near the city of Thessaloniki.  The company is founded by two young people, Georgia Vasileiou and Mariza Anezoulaki, who have years experience in the fabric and apparel industry.  The company is vertically structured, as the fabric of the scarves is produced by the sister company, Fieratex, one of the biggest fabric manufacturers in Europe.  This vertical structure ensures high quality and quick response to customer requests.  Our focus is to create in excellence, quickly and according to the market’s needs, with respect to the environment and the society.

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Bet and Malfie is sincerely yours…


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